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The design of spaces in and around buildings is a response to the people that inhabit them. The name “monad” is a theosophical reference to the design of buildings as a process of realisation, working towards a single solution from a number of sources and requirements.  We strive to provide a creative approach that results in a built outcome to meet our clients’ ultimate needs, goals and aspirations.  We pride ourselves on our diverse experience, our process of design, and our emphasis on determining and understanding the core visions of our clients for their projects.  Design is a unique and creative response to the aspirations of people and we therefore look forward to the journey as much as the outcome!

what we do

From concept design through to project delivery, the team at Monad are dedicated to providing the highest standard of service for our clients. We take care of the whole process 

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Concept Design

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Concept Design

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Detail Design

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Our people form the foundation of Monad. Experience matters in delivering consistent, high-quality and cost effective design solutions.

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Home » design


At Monad, we pride ourselves on delivering quality design, built on strong foundations, aimed to exceed our clients’ expectations. Review our previous portfolio for a testament to the quality of our work.

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