Operating from our base office in greater Newcastle, David has worked in the field of architecture for 20 years and is passionate about the design of all buildings that we choose to inhabit.

Having been involved in a diverse range of project types and working environments, both in Australia and overseas, David has gained valuable experience in the design of residential, commercial, hospitality, medical and aged-care buildings and facilities.

We strive to maintain an understanding and awareness of the changing contributions that built form makes to our environment. We recognise that, more than anything, working actively with clients and their project ambitions motivates and energises all involved.

Monad Design utilises contemporary software packages including Revit and Lumion, allowing designs to generate a life of their own before being built. We have found the ability to represent a design through Building Information Modelling (BIM) and further rendering is critical to design understanding and appreciation. Our skills also extend to the production of tactile presentation media such as model-making and photography as tools to assist in the communication of design outcomes.

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Graphics & Communications

Operating in northern NSW, Fernanda has had over 10 years of all-round in the design and delivery of projects. During this time she has found a keen interest in graphical communication and presentation of designs for clients.

The effective communication of a built design outcome in the forms of rendered images is her passion. She is a specialist in translating Revit-based building models into high-quality Lumion renderings prior to construction. For both designer and client, this is a key component in enabling all to have a detailed understanding of the design intent prior to construction.

Fernanda has worked in all areas on design, documentation and project delivery giving her a meticulous approach to the translation of ideas into tactile, realistic graphical presentations.

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Delivery & Sustainability

Operating in greater Melbourne, Adam has over 20 years experience in building design and documentation. He has extensive experience in delivering large-scale, multi-residential projects.

Adam is passionate about ensuring our production of designs integrate sociological awareness, ecological sustainability and the utilisation of space and volume as a cultural modifier.

Having extensive experience in design development working collaboratively with both clients and consultants, Adam possesses a valuable skill base in effectively and efficiently refining detail throughout the design process. As a result he is able to consistently deliver high-quality and cost-effective design solutions from a broad base of experience.

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